Are Men more "loyal" to each other than Women ?

Its been my experience that men, even men who are not friends, will be less prone to ratting on other men then women on women. Women seem to also criticize other women more commonly than other men. I have seen women compete/discuss against other women… but not other men in a similar position/situation.

Are men really more "loyal" to each other than Women are ?

Are women just more critical and feel more comfortable doing it against other women ?  Or are men just more free caring ?

Do women prefer to work with men ? I have heard many female friends say this too. Not meaning the boss... but co-workers too.

When someone discovers someone is cheating on their Significant Other... men will be less prone than women to reveal the cheating... even in the threads here this is apparent. (Thou I might dismiss this one due to the fact that men are less rigorous about extra marital affairs.)   

Naturally all of this could stem from the fact that women see men as simple creatures and therefore "compete" only against their equals... :)  Your opinions please....

I dunno. I don’t care what men think of me and don’t expect other men to care what I think of them. I’m not loyal to them but I don’t spend much time trying to affect their impressions of each other.

I have a sense, maybe inaccurate, who knows? – that women tend to care more what other women think of them, and to expect any individual woman to care what other women think of her. Therefore they are more likely to express their take on this or that woman to other women and discuss her.

Men? Who on earth would care what other men think of anything? :slight_smile:

On tattling on cheaters:
I think women tend on the average to place more thought and feelings into realtionships especially relationships that a man sees as more casual and a woman sees as more permanant and fixed – therefore they are more likely to “tell” on a cheating man/woman, when in a similar situation, a man might have said “not my bidness” or even “you go dog”.

Mainly tho I think from a very early age boys tend to be physical and thier bullying and peer realtionships often tend to be formed by that. The toughest, stongest, fastest, jock boys are the leaders. This changes as the boys get older, tho most guys tend to still place some value on physical prowess thier entire lives.

Girls peer stuff and bullying is set by a complex social, social skilled, appearance, dress and in-out groups. It is just very complex and it tends to mitigate but partially (largely?) will remain in place $life: even as women enter the workplace, if enuff women in the office fall into it and are not aware of it to a certain extent it will reassert.