Are menthol cigarettes worse than non-menthol?

I know that Newport brand cigarettes contain a considerable amount of fiberglass, which consequently cuts up lung tissue causing more damage than other brands. Some of my smoking buddies, however, seem to think that menthol cigarettes, in general, contain the same damaging agent, causing the smoker’s lungs to bleed a bit every time they smoke them.

Now, I did read that the menthol allows the nicotine to travel through your blood faster (or something of that nature), but how much worse are, say, Marlboro Menthol Lights compared to Marlboro Lights?

Bullpucky. Newports are ordinary menthol cigarettes. Like all menthol cigarettes, they cause a cooling sensation which disguises the heat of the smoke, causing menthol smokers to inhale more. Both the menthol and the smoke ultimately cause even more of a burning sensation in the lungs than other smokers experience. The additonal smoke and deeper inhalation also cause greater absorption of nicotine. I don’t know about menthol and your bloodstream, but I doubt that it matters.

And no, there’s no fiberglass in cigarettes – ANY cigarettes.