Are mobile phones a health hazard?

There’s been a lot of talk lately (at least in Europe) about the potential threat of mobile phone technology to our health. Farmers with cows grazing underneath mobile base stations claim to observe a strong increase of dead or somehow disabled calves and a decrease of milk production. People working or living near such antennas complain more and more about headaches, and houses with mobile antennas on their roofs are becoming increasingly hard to sell.
Obviously, the mobile vendors can cite hundreds of studies “proving” the harmlessness of mobile technology. On the other side, research showing the exact opposite abounds as well.

Time for the Straight Dope, I’d say. What’s up with cell phones? Are they up there with gene technology in the list of both useful and potentially dangerous inventions?


Use the “SEARCH” option on this one. It’s been beaten around many, many times here. I’m sure there’s nothing new to add.

Long story short, though: There’s NO credible evidence to show a statistically significant increase in any health problems arising from the invisible rays emitted by cell phones.

Cell phones are just the latest: Various health concerns were raised bout the invisible rays emitted by color TV’s when they started becoming popular, and by invisible rays from computer monitors, when monitors (first, dumb terminals) started populating desktops.

Only if you use them while driving. Look here.

Here’s the text:

In the text, the authors use words to the effect of: “The risk of driving while using a cell phone is equal to the risk of driving while drunk”.