Are motorcycle gangs getting elderly?

Read this article on the Canadian killings.

I cant recall any gang crime type story I’ve read recently where the killers were all so middle aged with some bordering on “grandpa” status. Most of the Harley bikers I see on the road these days are at least as old as I am (48). Are motorcycle gangs dying out?

I think with the law enforcement crackdowns on biker gangs in the last 30 years, many “full patch” members have spent more than a few years in the pokey for their activities, adding to the median age of those out on the street. Law enforcement agencies watch over the bigger clubs like hawks, kind of killing any of the romantic notions new prospects might have about joining. Plus have you looked at the price of a Harley lately? I know I sure can’t join a club with a $20,000.00 cover charge… :smiley:

I think ‘full patch’ describes the size of their bald spots.

Read an article a couple of years ago that said the average income of a Harley rider is 80K/year.

Sam :smiley: