Are name-brand batteries better than "Brand X?"

Had a bit of sticker shock just now at the hardware store. Duracell D batteries were 8 for $16. TruValue brand, however, went for a mere $10 for an 8 pack. And so I ask you, how much better do you think the brand name batteries are?

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A few data points:

I refuse to use Costco’s Kirkland batteries because of my terrible experience with them. I was consistently finding that one would leak soon after installation. For example, a months after putting them in a remote control, where batteries should last a year or more. If they didn’t leak then the device would stop working because one of the new batteries, all out of the same package, would soon die, while the others were fine. I’ve been told that having one battery die is what causes the leakage, as the other batteries charge the low one, which causes it to leak.

I’ve seen tests which conclude that Harbor Freight cr2032 batteries are as good as, and often better than, name brand batteries.

Last car battery I bought was a Walmart branded generic. I don’t know who actually manufactures it. It was the cheapest one I could find to put in a car I would be selling soon, but it also came with a 5 year warranty, which is longer than many more expensive name-brand batteries. I don’t know if that means it’s better, but at least when it dies after 3 years it will still have warranty left, unlike the Die Hard that costs nearly twice as much with its 3 year warranty.

The point being, I think it really depends on who is making the store band battery.

It’s a generalization and probably has lots of exceptions but, all else the same, go for the heavier battery.

I was going to start a thread asking about leaking batteries. Do they all tend to leak? Alkaline more than regular? Maybe I should just switch brands. I usually buy Kirkland, but I see it with Duracell, too.

We buy nothing but Duracell from Costco when they’re on sale. Zero trouble so far.

Brand X makes the worst of everything. I’ve never heard of any Brand X product outperforming other brands.

The big thing is to make sure and get alkaline batteries, not “heavy duty” carbon-zinc ones. Those suck, regardless of manufacturer.

Alkalines don’t seem to have a lot of real variation in my experience. Amazon Basics, Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, etc… all seem to be functionally identical in most applications, especially ones like TV remotes, etc…

What causes leakage?

I don’t think there is a question that different battery brands have different quality levels and last for different periods. Consumer Reports regularly rates batteries and there are big differences. (I subscribe, but unfortunately it’s behind a pay wall)

I think the real question you’re maybe wondering is; Is the quality difference between brands worth the difference in price? That’s pretty subjective depending on how you use them. I personally don’t buy store brand batteries anymore, but that’s me.

We lived in Asia for a number of years and leaking batteries were a huge issue there, presumably caused by the constant +32C heat and 90% humidity.

I brought both Duracells and Costco Kirkland batteries with me from Canada. Both brands started leaking within a few months of installing them in devices. I threw away a couple hundred dollars worth of electronics (remote controls, kids toys etc) after the batteries leaked and I couldn’t clean the residue out. I then noticed Energizer (Asia at least) was heavily promoting their “no leak guarantee” so I switched then and never regretted it.

We’ve used Sam’s Club brand batteries for years and have never had any issues with them.

You would expect Kirkland to be the same as Duracell, since Duracell makes the Kirkland batteries.

Huh. I wonder if the batteries are made to the same specs. I’d rather save my money with the Kirkland batteries.

The best batteries are usually the ones with odd, never before seen names, that come with electronics from Asia. They last three times longer than whatever I have in the cupboard to replace them with.