Are nightclubs open on halloween?

This halloween is wendsday but most nightclubs are only open friday and saturday and some on thursday. Most nightclubs also don’t answer their phones for some reason. Does anyone know if they are usually open on halloween?

I would imagine they would be. Everyone is in a good mood, dressed up and looking for other people.
I have a friend that owns a gay bar (different, I guess, since it’s always open) that tells me Halloween is one of their busiest nights of the year.

You said no one is answering their phone, try calling back just before opening time tomorrow, when there are workers there, but it’s no so loud that no one can hear the phone. Also, check their facebook pages. I’d imagine many of them have mentioned it there if they’re open, but typically closed that day.

And, as someone that doesn’t go to night clubs, I had no idea they were only open two days a week. Is that common? It’s gotta be tough to pay a month worth of overhead on 8 days of income.

I agree with this, try calling back but if that doesn’t work check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Out of curiosity I looked up a few nightclubs in Houston and two of them didn’t have any events scheduled for Halloween but the third did. I’m guessing many had their big events this weekend but some will have events scheduled on the actual day.

Most adults tend to celebrate on the weekend preceding, so all the big Halloween parties and nightclub events already happened.

I would think they would advertise if they have big plans. Via radio or online.

In Chicago, the answer would be a big yes! It might weird if it was on a Monday but on a Wednesday that’s far enough from last night, just about every place will be open.

Yep, I attended a Halloween party Saturday evening at a local bar. A good time was had by all.

For an “off” day holiday, one option they might have is to be rented out for a private bash. So not open but …

Not sure where the OP lives, but here there isn’t a a day when nightclubs are closed, except maybe Christmas and even that may have changed.

I was wondering the same. I know of nowhere within driving distance of here that nightclubs are closed Sun-Wed.

Around here yes and many are even doing special events. Check though as some have costume restrictions IE no masks or weapons.
Added: around here if (and its a big if) a nightclub is closed its usually a Monday and not later in the week.

Same here. Where I live, you could conceivably go to a nightclub any day of the week, and Halloween would be especially likely to have special costume-nights and such.

I was curious last night and looked up several within driving distance of me. With the exception of one that’s open every night, all of them are closed on Monday and Tuesday, and a few are closed on Sunday and/or Wednesday too. These are all in New Hampshire and north of Boston in Massachusetts.

My local favorite club, Cowfish, is open for Halloween, but it’s open every day until 2:30 a.m.

around here most places are empty on holidays …… we went to a club on thanksgiving cause a out of town relative wanted to party and it was dead even with a “any drink for a dollar”…in a place that fits 250 or more there were 40 people ….
Lets just say we emptied the bars top shelf stuff …………

Define “night club”. Today I would lump most bars in that category, and they tend to be open every night, not just Friday and Saturday. So yes, then most will be open on Halloween. But if you’re talking about a dance club or I dare say a discotheque, well I can’t help you there, as I haven’t frequented such establishments in about 30 years.

If nightclubs are closed on Halloween, they hate money.

Halloween is a commercial holiday, not a holy one.

I would like to see one cite that anyone in the hospitality business was closed on Halloween.

As a bartender who works in a night club, I will tell you it’s a very big yes, one of the great nights of the year.

The Saturday night prior is big for house parties, but bars are where it’s at on Halloween. Some places more than others, of course.

I don’t know anything in Austin that would be called a nightclub, but all the bars with music are definitely open. I don’t know of any place that isn’t open at least 6 days a week. You’d never keep staff or make rent otherwise.

the bar where I worked part time for several years used to have Kareoke Christmas and they were always jam packed. The people who didn’t have family were ready to mix and mingle and the ones with family were desperate to get out. Same thing with the Orphan’s Thanksgiving.