Are people just idiots or am I missing the point?

This guy is selling property on both the moon and on Mars. My first question was, who says he can own the moon? My second question was, why are people sending this guy $100. Is there a bigger picture I am missing?

Now watch…local building codes will probably keep you from developing it!

Do you think I can still pick-up a couple of acres by the giant “Face.” That would be great during the Martian summers. Maybe some land by one of the canals for the winter?

Why, BOTH of course!

You ARE missing the point. The point IS that people are just idiots. :smiley:

Sorry, just feeling like a smartass since I discovered how much I love that :smiley: smilie. It’s really enriching my life… sigh

— G. Raven

this guy is my hero… why didnt I have the idea?


PS: I ve heared in England you can get insurance for the following:

  • getting a baby when you are still a virgin (hey! It happened to Marry! Dont let it happen to YOU!)
  • alien abduction

Actually, the guy has an interesting claim. There is an international treaty that says that no government can own land on another planet. However, it doesn’t say much about individual claims. He went so far as to notify all the governments involved with a letter that said “I am making this claim, and you have XXX days to tell me I can’t. Otherwise, a lack of response will indicate tacit agreement with my claim.”

I have heard this is legal. I don’t know myself about this. It sounds like he has an interesting case, and I have my doubts he really cares if it ever pans out as far as actually owning the land; all he needs to do is convince others he does. And I think a lot of folks buy it for kitsch value.

I have some “beachfront” property available for sale here in Florida…


Come on, people aren’t just idiots.

By the way, I’m selling a lot of future beach front property in Arizona. Going cheap!

I can see it now. Somebody buys property on the moon. Then:

“Hey, where’d this American flag come from?”

“Who left this little vehicle on my property?”

“WTF? A golf ball!!??? Damn kids. I gotta put up a fence.”