Are police Motorcycles Automatic?

I was driving with my wife this morning, I was the passenger, and we were pulling up to s stoplight. At the stop there was a policeman on a motorcycle. As we took off I noticed that I didn’t see him shifting…maybe I was deceived by him doing it quickly, or maybe I wasn’t paying that close attention to him…but I certainly didn’t look like he was shifting. So are Police Moto’s automatic?

My Harley Davidson 2002 Road King Police Special is a 5-speed. The 2005 models.

What didn’t you see? Him depressing the clutch level with his hand, moving the shift lever with his foot, or both? Both of the cycles on the department I work for are Harley, and they’re 5 speeds. I don’t get to use them though.

I don’t know if Harley makes an auto bike. I actually had an auto bike back in the 70’s. A Honda Hawk 400 with 2 speed Honda-matic transmission.

It is also possible he was hotdogging. On my personal Harley if I’m riding at just the right RPM’s I can shift without using the clutch. This can be done of a car as well. But you have to be doing just the right rpm’s, and you have to know what you’re doing.
The shift lever just slips right in gear if you do it right. if you do it Wrong: KRUNCH! :eek: