Are Pottery Barn sofas better made then Lazy Boy's (and how would I find out)?

Any furniture experts out there?

I’m not looking for style advice but am wondering …

Do sofas differ much in quality/durability or is mostly fabric and the brand name?

Do you get what you pay for in this area of life like most others?

Are there web sites which offer ratings?

I’ve been searching but have not found the answers to the above. I’ve never owned a new couch and might be willing to spend up to $2000 (yikes) on one but I wanted to be reasonably sure it will last. And, it would suck to find out later I spent way too much. For example, the couches at Lazy Boy appear roughly half the price of those at Pottery Barn.

Also, the Yellow Pages do not tell me much other than store names. I could trudge through numerous stores, and have to talk to numerous salespeople, but would like to narrow the search ahead of time.

I figured the Dopers would know.



There’s some advice on buying sofas here.