Are PZ Myers and Myself the Only People in the World Who Read Terry Eagleton's Book and HATED It?

Terry Eagleton’s Reason, Faith, and Revolution has been highly reviewed by media outlets all over the place. Now, I see the American Academy of Religion meeting is going to have a panel largely dedicated to fawning over the book.

I read it and despised it; I wrote a mini-review with some rebuttals of Eagleton’s trash which can be found here.

I saw that PZ Myers also hated the book, albeit for largely different reasons than I.

Can I get some sympathy here? Was there anybody here who read the book and thought it not worth the trees? Do you know of any reviewers for magazines, newspapers, or major blogs who thought it was trash?

I’m sorry you read books.

Is that enough sympathy?

The above post was in jest. Ogres love books. I havent read that one however.

I read it and was appalled that it was getting positive reviews. The metaphors he uses are completely insane and don’t enlighten so much as leave the reader wondering, “What the hell did that mean?”

The man can’t deal with reality, so he keeps coming up with these bizarre hypotheticals to deal with instead. His own non-existent sect of Christianity, a strawman opponent to argue with throughout the book, etc. Even coming up with all of these fake things to try to promote his point of view, his argument still comes off as asinine. It was like reading somebody’s mental masturbation.

Thank you!

Never heard of it.

It might be better reading with an espresso or a Campari and soda. Off to Cafe Society.

I read it last summer and thought he made some great points at the time; unfortunately, none of them linger in my mind any longer.