Are refrigerators deeper now compared to 1989?

I’m ready to replace my refrigerator. Purchased after buying my house in 1989. I didn’t do anything special. Randomly pointed at a 19.5 cubic foot white Fridge and asked when it could be delivered.

Fits flush next to my free-standing stove and cabinets.

I measured the fridge from the wall to its door. approx 28.5 in to 29 in not including the door handle.

I start looking at specs on Home Depot and Best Buy. A 19.5 cubic foot is 32 inches in depth (without the handle). :rolleyes:
32.8 inches deep

I have a island connected to a faux brick room divider. L shaped
Space to walk by is limited. We have about 24 in clearance. We can’t lose almost 4 inches of that.

L…Front of Fridge

Whats happened to refrigerators in the past 25 years? :confused: I wondered if they are including a 4 inch air gap from the wall to the fridge?

They do sell counter depth fridges. At a premium cost. about 400 to 500 bucks more to get one thats 28 inches deep. :smack: Only premium models offer it. Includes useless features like water dispensers and ice makers.

WTH have these fools done?

I just ordered a counter depth refrigerator. Kills me to pay that extra $400.

But to hire a carpenter to dismantle that faux brick partition, trim 6 inches off it, and reassemble would have required a full days labor, repainting the frame, and easily cost close to $700. My floor would have a bare spot too, where the partition was cut back. It would have looked pretty shabby.

so a counter depth fridge is what I had to have.

‘standard’ sizes when it comes to fridges got completely thrown out. Now it’s a game of measuring and limiting your choices to ones that can fit in a given space.

Cubic foot capacity is a sales driving number and manufacturers are pressured to get as many cubic feet as possible into a unit. Making them deeper was an unavoidable outcome.