Are Registration Renewal Reminders Still Being Sent?

It may be a moot point given CL’s current financial woes, and apologies if I’ve missed any announcements, but are registration renewal reminders still being sent out? I seem to have unexpectedly dropped back to guest status, which I assume is due to my paid membership expiring, but I never received any notice. Not complaining, just enquiring.

Yes, I got one. Maybe your SDMB e-mail address is wrong or maybe the e-mail got filtered to Spam? Mine said:

I think that link will work for you too. Incidentally, I just noticed that I reverted back to Guest. Right after paying through PayPal, I refreshed the thread I was on and I’m right back on “Member” status. Good automation job guys!

Yes, reminders are still being sent. Your registration expired on 11/03, so be sure to check your board e-mail address to see if it’s current, and see whether the reminder e-mail wasn’t caught up in any spam-fighting filters. (With so many Dopers and hundreds–if not thousands–of disparate mail systems being used, it’d be nice to guarantee that reminder e-mails would sail on through, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.)