Are Republicans That Afraid of Limbaugh?

Santorum makes the case that Limbaugh is an entertainer, therefore, Limbaugh has the right to call people names.

Romney initially makes no comment, and only comments after Limbaugh himself “apologizes.”

Bachmann refuses to comment.

It seems to be as if the candidates have lost their spines and are afraid of denouncing Limbaugh. This also makes me wonder just how big the right-wing of the Republican party is. Just how many voters will a Republican lose of he or she denounces Limbaugh?

They don’t want to find out.

They’re doing the Limbaugh, the calypso-based dance where Republicans see how low they can go.

These jokers can’t avoid stepping in their own shit, and they think they have what it takes to run the country.

Unfortunately, come November, at least 45% of the voters will agree with them.

Yes, they are that afraid. Time after time when any Republican has dared to say that they disagreed with Rush on any issue, the dittoheads flood their office with phone calls and emails and eventually every single one has had to walk the Walk Of Shame and grovel before Rush and ask forgiveness. Every single time. It’s too bad none of them have the stones to say to Rush “Have you no shame?”

Like the OP said, they’re spineless. After all their swaggering tough guy talk of war, they can’t even stand up to an overblown bag of wind.

Let’s hope it’s no more than that.

Remember when Republican chairman Michael Steele had to beg Limbaugh’s forgiveness after criticizing him?

I thought it was interesting that Steele’s comment was that RL is an entertainer, and now when Santorum says it, it is just allowed. Even RL realized that in order to help the R’s this time, he can’t get pissy about them disavowing him (in their weak sauce kinda way).

I think Republicans and conservatives are and have been scared of getting heat from Limbaugh until this most recent kerfluffel.

It was days (3?) before any conservative or Republican would offer even a most timid criticism about Rush’s comments about Fluke, and what they did offer was weak- ‘he’s an entertainer’, ‘not my choice of words’, etc.

Maybe some of them will grow a spine and start speaking up.

It’s also true that the people who are most upset by Rush’s stupidity are liberals and Democrats, and the Republicans don’t have much reason to care what they think.

Why Mitt Romney didn’t come down hard on Rush Limbaugh

In a close election, the campaign is pitched to those on the margin. Even a couple of percentage points might make a different.

This might seem counterintuitive, in that pitching to the larger base would win more than alienating the edge would lose. It doesn’t work that way, because those at the edge are looking for an excuse to make up their minds and are more likely to grab at something that would seem flimsy or incremental to those who are more secure in their opinion.

Romney is not to gain among Democrats at all by this and independents aren’t going to see Romney suddenly gaining a spine by this one act if they disliked him before for flip-flopping. It was purely a short-term move toward primary voters and seemed to be a successful one.

That is as much as to say that the GOP is now completely immune to embarrassment. An enviable state of grace in politics.


And this.

The basic mindset is, why fight this battle when you don’t have to, especially at this stage of the game when any little thing might swing the election.

This is correct, but it points to a general election strategy for the Democrats. Rush Limbaugh is–by far–the most disliked “current affairs personality” in the country, a disgust that seems to transcend party lines:

…and this was in a poll taken before his latest bomb-throw. If I were the Dems, I’d find a way to get Limbaugh to go off again once Romney has sewn up the nomination. At that point he’s going for the same pool of independent voters that Obama is, but I’m not sure he’d chance pissing off the base for them–he’s still got a long way to go to win them over (meaning: getting them to vote for him instead of just staying home).

Folks like to pass Limbaugh off as an “entertainer”, but the facts speak for themselves: While his own audience claims (20 million) are probably inflated, it seems a fair bet that it’s in the 15 million range. GOP leaders have repeatedly used his show for interviews and, when necessary, they’ve bowed down before him. Limbaugh is a leading public voice of the Republican party, and it’s fair to assume GOP candidates agree with him unless they say otherwise.

Enough to lose an election. One of the long term problems Republicans have is that they need the votes of the extreme right to win elections. The extreme right is organized enough and Rush had enough influence that it’s almost impossible to win without Rush on your side. Same with Fox.

Fox & Rush have probably been the most destructive forces in American politics over the last 20 years.

And that, my friend, is the scary part. Even though Obama will (probably) win it in a virtual landslide, almost half of the voting population will vote for a moron. That’s terrifying.

Let’s not forget Ron Paul. He denounced Limbaugh and also said he didn’t find his apology credible. I’m not a fan of his politics, but I do admire his frankness and his courage. None of his competitors have the balls to stand up to a talk-radio bully…how are voters supposed to trust them to handle the real bad guys around the globe?

Every Limbaugh boy and girl
All around the Limbaugh world
Gonna do the Limbaugh rock
All around the Limbaugh clock…

One wonders whether Romney would have the spine to stand up to Putin or Ahmadinejad. “Those aren’t the words I would have used”, sounds extremely weak.

I wonder what words he *would *have used to accuse her of having loose morals for the sin of using birth control. Check that – for the sin of referring to someone else entirely who uses birth control.

Oh well, as long as it isn’t “slut” or “prostitute” all is well.