Are ships' captains allowed to marry people at sea?

The CFR reference in Paragraph 2 of the article is out of date. As of 10/15/1999 the section of the CFR is 32 CFR 700.844 (Title 32, Subtitle A, Chapter VI, Subchapter A, Part 700, Subpart H, Section 844. Cf. 64 FR 56062, 56075.)

The wording is the same.

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BTW, are you a ships’ Captain? Just curious.

> BTW, are you a ships’ Captain? Just curious.

Heh nope, just an obsessive geek who’s into law. Though I was a coxswain in college. Never tried to marry anyone though.

Such language!

Another myth shattered. When you see something presented as true in countless movies, it’s strange to find out that it’s just not so.

Easy way to clear up confusion on this: Require all ship’s captains to become ordained ministers and Justices of the Peace. That way they can marry people at sea. :smiley:

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And, yeah, in theory I’m on vacation at the moment. Hah.

Could be problematic for them to become ordained ministers when most of those I know aren’t of the Judeo Christian persuasion.

[QUOTE=etlerThough I was a coxswain in college.[/QUOTE]

'Ow many oars did you cock? :smiley:

How so?

In the U.S. at least, I’m pretty sure a minister of any recognized faith can conduct a wedding.

But you wouldn’t usually use the term “ordained minister” about the respective holy men of Hindus, Moslems etc would you?

I can only speak for Pennsylvania, but as an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, I have performed 3 weddings. Each Church has their own requirements for ordaination(?). The Universal Life Church requires you to click “yes”.

You’re picking at nits here, I was just saying that if all of the Captains had the authority of their respective faiths to do weddings, then that would eliminate the confusion!

Of course with our Quaker history I believe we have a somewhat more generous take on this than most states, see b) below:

The startling thing to me is that your mayor can marry you - cool.

Oh, and there was a joke in the original article that a captain can marry anyone he wants as this is a free country… of course, if the captain is gay this doesn’t apply…

In France, you can only be married by a mayor or a deputy-mayor. Any town hall has a marriage hall for this purpose.