Are Shogun Warriors Taking Over Great Debates?

In two recent threads, it has been asserted by some assorted dumb clucks and miscellaneous poodlefuckers that Christian and/or Islamic warriors have “taken over” the Great Debates forum.

The truth is, however, out there.

They are attacking!

The Shogun Warriors Giant Robots cannot be stopped by our SDMB Self-Defense Forces!
Alphagene is slashed by the whirling blades of Dangard Ace!
Manhattan and his tanks are crushed underfoot by Combatra!
TubaDiva heroically attempts to direct the Board’s Maser Cannons against the giant robots, but falls before the power of Great Mazinger’s energy blasts!

Cecil Adams’ attempts to bring his ghodlike powers into play, but somebody reads the text to his “merkin” article to him, he laughs uncontrolably, milk comes out his nose, & the effect is completely spoiled.

Who can save us now?!?
I’ve never been a religious man ,but if you can hear me–SAVE US, SUPERMAN!!! :wink: :smiley:

I still have my Showgun Warrior from the 70s.

Dumb Clucks - Band name

Miscellaneous Poodlefuckers - Band name

Dumb Cluck and the Miscellaneous Poodlefuckers - Top Rock and Roll band of the '50s


I had Dragun. Feel the wrath of my shooting stars and plastic axes!

Feh, everyone knows the Transformers would kick their ass.

Predaking alone could tackle 'em all without breaking a sweat!

Double Pfeh! Speak not to me of Transformers! Transformers were itty bitty. Shogun Warriors were hip-high and had only hip-high Godzilla to fear.

Attack, Gojira! Aiee!

Fear the wrath of their “Cannot Find Server” blasters!

That’s MINE! I still have one of the axes, several of the shooting stars and the star launcher. And they still work. I wonder what it would bring on E-bay. Nah, too much sentimental value.

For some reason, the title of this thread brought to mind a group of feudal japanese Samurai, wearing armor and weapons, sitting at computers typing posts decrying “foreign barbarians.”

Of course, the OP is pretty funny too.

Watch yo’ ass, **rjung **1
Or I’ll sic my <gojira>Oxygen Destroyer</gojira> on you! :smiley:

Triple Pfeh! I’m having my Eva brought in especially for Great Debates. As soon as I have it plugged in, it shall make short work of your puny lizard :stuck_out_tongue:

(rjung plops down three-foot-tall Fortress Maximus next to pravnik)

(rjung plops down four-foot-tall Beast Machines Supreme Cheetor next to pravnik)

I’m sorry, did you say something? :wink:

Hang on, Predaking will be here any second…

And the simulpost multiple missle launchers as well.

You’re cheating! Those…those were Robots in Disguise ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Best kind! :smiley:

/me plops down three foot something Megabolt Maximus next to pravnik

/me plops down the Optimus Prime Bop Bag next to pravnik.

Hey, this is fun! Are we having a beach party?

/me plops down three foot something invisible ghost of soon to be here Air Attack Optimus Primal on top of Cheetor.

::Breaks out the Battle Beasts::

Fire beats Oxygen Destroyer!

You do know that Battle Beasts started off as a Transformers spin-off in Japan, right? The “Beastformers” were even featured in a few episodes of the Japanese Transformers: Headmasters cartoon…

(I am such a geek! :smiley: )