Are (some) soda fountains crawling with roaches?

From this page:

Gross. Is this true / common / just BS?

I don’t know what kind of dispenser they were using, but we sure got all the residue off of ours every night. All parts were pretty much removable and got soaked. (This was in the 70’s, so things may have changed)

Well, if your restaurant has roaches, then the soda machine is one place they’ll find food, yeah. The nozzles come off and get soaked, but there’s still sugar on the internal spray part that doesn’t come off. Of course, if there are roaches in your restaurant, they’ll also be on the counters and in the booths and the floor and the bathroom and the light fixtures and under the fridge and in the grease trap and on the grills and pretty much anyplace that a person has ever touched, and many places we can’t. The soda machine is no *more *roach-attractant than any other spot.

That person didn’t say where his coffee shop was, but I’ve worked in many different restaurants and bars in Washington state and I’ve never seen a single roach in any of them - even in the soda dispensers.

What kind of coffee shop has a soda fountain?