Are stand-alone CD burners better than the computer ones?

My computer CD burner picks up every little scratch, piece of dust, whatever. I’ve read that this is because the burner is more sensitive than the player; thus the original sounds fine, but the player thinks the scratches etc. are supposed to be there for the copy. It seems like even the slightest blemish on the original creates a skip on the copy. I’ve cleaned the drive and the CD. Any way to avoid this?

Is it the same for one those entertainment system audio recorders?

I can’t answer your question, but I can offer some insight into the situation, and maybe even fix you’re problem.

Most computer CD drives weren’t built with the goal of digital audio extraction in mind. Some are much better than others, but it is entirely possible that your drive just plan sucks (in that respect).

And, a CD player built to play music could hits every single scratch and bit of dust, but you wouldn’t notice because of the error correction chips in the equipment.

With all of that said, I used to have troubles getting perfect rips of CD’s until I tried out Exact Audio Copy. Once configured properly, it takes longer than other software, but you will get as close to an exact copy as possible with your hardware. Its a free program, and I have nothing to with it/the authors.


Two reasons not to go that direction… from the TDK page: