Are stickies like kudsu?

My wife’s uncle used to say that “Southern Baptists and kudsu are taking over the South.” (he was a S. Baptist by the way). Each time I visit this site it seems like there is another sticky. I might be wrong but I remember when there were only a couple. Looking over the stickies I can’t pick out one that could go, but as a group they are taking over this forum, just like kudsu would. :frowning:

Between the folks that say we don’t give them enough information and the ones that cry there’s too much, I don’t guess anyone will ever be truly happy here.

BTW, isn’t that “kudzu?” Just asking.

your humble TubaDiva

This forum is a bit different from the others. It’s informational in nature. It’s the first place a newbie should come, which is readily apparent from its description. It’s a place to practice posting, and a place to ask questions about how the board works and its rules.

All the stickies are informative in exactly that way, and are the questions that new people are most likely to have about the board and about posting. In fact that’s how some of them were formed, by pulling together questions that got asked over and over that were pertinent to board rules and such. Arnold especially did a lot of work on that.

I can’t imagine what you would want to reserve space for since there might be a few questions not covered in the stickies, but they’re gonna eventually get pushed back a page anyway by “Pay no attention: TESTING” posts.

Well, the ones about how the SDMB is going to a subscription basis can probably go…

Maybe they could be consolidated from nine down to two or three. Someone could precis the various bits and provide links as necessary.

I atand corrected, however I’ve seen it spelled several ways including with a “C”.
After all that damn plant is very adaptive. :wink:

I agree with the OP. The stickies have indeed undermined their original purpose.
Now instead of highlighting important announcements, they bury them in a forest of deadwood. Or kudsu

It’s no consolation, but all the other message boards, like Fathom and Unaboard have succumb to the same disease.

Years ago, before there were stickies, people begged for the FAQ’s to be updated, so that things newbies might want were in one place, and the only announcement threads on the forum list would be really new. Nobody at SDMB was willing to modify the FAQ. I still like that idea, although I know it’s a lost cause. So for now I’ll just be content not recognizing that a new sticky has appeared, like everybody else.