Are stress-balls bad for the wrists?

You know, the rubber bags filled with sand or something similar, sold in sporting goods stores to be squeezed for hand exercise and stress relief. I just got one (Isoflex brand), and I just heard a rumor that squeezing them is now believed to be bad for the wrists. Has anybody heard anything about that?


IANADoctor, but as a guitarist, there was a period were metal shredders were using those and other hand exercisers to strengthen their fingering hand. But a hair-metal dude named Adrian Vandenberg(formerly in Whitesnake) injured his hand (briefly referenced in the link I provided), and that put guitarists off those devices pretty quick.

Be careful.

That link says Vandenberg was injured by “isometric exercises” – which I’ve always understood are exercises involving no equipment, only one arm’s resistance to the other, etc.

But the strawberries…

Having posted a whiny post about my sore arms and wrists a couple of weeks ago – wish I had the answer. I’ve always wondered about those things, though: if repetitive strain problems come about from repetitively using your hands and wrists, how can a repetitive exercise . . . . well, perhaps the theory is that the squeezy things work the muscles in more diverse ways.

As a purely anecdotal data point on this maybe-working-the-same-muscles-in-different-ways-helps theory, subsequent to said sore wrists, I found myself at the gym over a couple of weeks doing some reasonably intense (for me) shoulder/back/dip work, all of which transmits the weight of course through the wrist. I thought I might be an idiot to do this, but it actually didn’t have any ill effect, and my keyboarditis seems in fact to be on the mend (due also, I’d imagine, to re-configuring my computer layout).