Are stuffed olives fattening?

Stuffed with minced pimientos, I eat 'em like peanuts. No bread no nothing.

other ingredients include, water, salt, lactic acid, sodium alginate, guar [sic] gum, and calcium chloride.

Just wondering.

5 pitted green olives (unstuffed) have 23 calories, most of it from fat, and 468 mg sodium.

They do have quite a bit of fat for their calories; olive oil comes from them, y’know. 5 olives have about 25 calories and 2.5 grams of fat.

Fattening? Well, they’re better than potato chips and less good than carrots. :smiley:

Well, carrots are good enough for my son’s Doberman (so amiable, so loving, he’s a pain in the ass, sometimes), so they should be good enough for me.

Thank you Shoshana and WhyNot.

Monounsaturated fat may not be as much of a problem as the sodium. It would probably clarify the issue to work up your typical daily intake and exercise to see what’s best for you.

Safeway has Garlic & jalepeno stuffed green olives for the win

…for the win?

sorry gamer term.

they are damn good olives assuming you like garlic and jalepenos


Although olives are high in fat, there’s always been a consensus that olive oil is the least bad of the common oils, and may even be positively good, in moderation.

Ref yout title “Are stuffed olives fattening?”

There’s a misconception here. 100% of all possible food is fattening.
Yes, some foods (e.g. cheescake) have more body fat producing potential per bite than others (e.g. raw celery).

But to mentally divide foods into categories of “fattening” & “not fattening” is fundamentally invalid. If you have a habit of absentmindedly munching anything all day long, that’s a fattening habit. The habit is fattening, not the food.