are the "Clinton-feminists" racist ?

Well said. I venture over to some of the more radical HRC supporters sites and I see the vitriol dripping from my screen. It will lessen, it always does. I do feel bad for Clinton a little, but I am glad to be looking at this from an Obama supporter standpoint.
Problem is a lot of the younger women are easily swayed to voting republican - when that is the exact opposite of what Clinton stood for.

I think that Hillary blew a great opportunity to unite the party and sides in her speech. She kept going on about meeting women who couldn’t vote when they were young…I would’ve loved her if she mentioned that Obama was born in a time where voting was nearly impossible for blacks in certain states. I would have loved to hear her remind the crowd that it’s only been 40 years, since blacks had legal protection to vote and even then they still had to fight.

I would have loved for her to tie together the two events that we as a nation had to grow through and how their campaigns did wonderful things for both groups. That the success of Obama, didn’t mean that they as a group lost, but that we as a nation won.

That to me, would have been true vision, true leadership and showed me that she truly wanted what was best for the nation and her supporters. Her supporters needed to understand they weren’t alone in their struggles, that they had kindred spirits and that joining Obama was a good thing, not just a necessary thing.