Are the earth's poles going to shift soon?

Regarding this question, I understood the question to refer to the fact that the North and South poles actually reverse every half-million years or so.

This is supported by evidence taken from oceanic crust going away from the mid-ocean ridges.

Cecil’s reply didn’t really address this.

So what would happen to us next time the N and S poles switched?

Or is it all bogus? It’s in the textbook I’m using to teach my 9th graders, but a quick web search turns up a lot of whacko sites.

It’s not the geographic poles that switch but the magnetic poles.

The magentic pole switch is backed by lots of real science. It’s the geographic pole switch that appears on fringe science sites.

It appeared to have originated in Edgar Cayce’s writings. This page talks about it and tries to make it appear that Cayce was really talking about magnetic poles.

The Kirschvink article in Science that the sites claims refers to a true geographic pole switch 500 million years ago is discussed in readable form in a Scientific American article. Note that Kirschvink really refers to a ninety degree shifting due to continental drift over a 15 million year period, not a sudden pole shift.

I don’t find much new on this hypothesis. It’s possible but even supporters called it a wild idea. Some geologist can come in and let us know if it was ever widely accepted, no matter how much scientists want to explain the changes to the Cambrian.

i am a creationist. i go to a christian school. my eighth grade teacher said that noah’s flood had tilted the earth about 32 degrees. last year when we studied the book of revelation a.k.a. the apocalypse my bible teacher said that during the “millenial reign”, everything will be like it was in the grarden of eden. this made me curious; so i asked him how the earth would tilt back to its original position. he says that the severe earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, meteors, and an asteroid will shake it back into its natural position.

gypsymoth, is that an April Fool’s post (I hope)?

no, what part don’t you believe? if it’s just the whole thing about the earth tilting b/c of the flood and tilting again during the millenium, then do you believe the evolutionists’ theories about the earth tilting?

i bet you’d think i was crazy to say that 1/3 of all plantlife will be destroyed and that the earth will start spinning at 3 times it’s normal speed, reducing a day to 16 hours as opposed to 24?

**gypsymoth3, ** I hope you pay better attention to your math teacher in the future. If the earth were to triple its current rate of spin, a day would be 8 hours, not 16. I’ll not argue theology with you, but I’ll warn you that sticking to creationism will cause the scientists you encounter in your life to regard you as a fool. Be prepared for that, youngster. Keeping your faith in the face of ridicule will require great courage.

“Evolutionists” don’t have any theories about the earth tilting. You are thinking of “geologists”.

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you get the point.

do the math yourself 'cause my brain is fried today from SATs.

oh, and it was my Bible teacher.

i mean geologists who believe in evolution since creationists don’t believe the earth is more than 10.000 years old. so i guess we’re both right in which term is correct.

Gypsymoth3, you walk a fine line when you see matters of observable science as a matter of faith. I encourage you to keep your faith strong but I also encourage you to do some critical thinking. How does a massive flood, even one that covers all the land on earch cause the earth’s rotational axis to tilt? The highest mountain and deepest point in the oceans are only about seven miles above and below the mean sea level. That and the crust make an eggshell thin layer compared to the size of the earth. How does any upheaval in the crust cause the axis to rotate.

FWIW I’m a Christian too but I don’t interpret the creation story the same way your teachers do but that’s a topic for great debates.

That oughta raise some questions, Gypsymoth. How are earthquakes, for example, supposed to shift the Earth on its axis? How is an asteroid big enough to do the same supposed to come along and hit Earth without killing everything on it?

You’re conflating evolution, which is about creatures adapting to their environment, with geology. Geologists who think the Earth is 10,000 years old are pretty much putting themselves out of a job, since geologic evidence says the Earth is about 4 billion years old. :wink:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re not a Catholic (I’m not either) but you may be interested to know that the Pope has declared both evolution and the big bang to be true. No kidding.

I meant that to Gypsymoth, BTW.

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