Are the Phelpsoids planning to picket the Gay Games?

The Gay Games open here tomorrow and I’ve heard nothing about Phreddy and his band of psychos. I fully expect to see some of them around town but according to his picketing schedule :rolleyes: he’s going to be in Indiana abusing the grieving at another funeral tomorrow. Still, I suppose he’ll be close enough to roll into Chicago for a quick bit of frothing at the mouth.

Although I wonder if he’s calculated the numbers and decided to stay away from the crowds?

A metric shitload of well trained athletes, many likely with the upper body strength to crush a man’s skull by putting him in a headlock? Yeahright he’d go, he might actually be at risk! Bullies don’t expose themselves to harm.

Think of the lines of gay people trying to get pictures of themselves kissing in front of a real live Phelps “God Hates Fags” sign. “This one’s going up on the mantel, honey!”

They recently no-showed a protest where they had requested police protection.

Funeral Protesters Get Bill for No-show

The Holy Ghost works in mysterious ways.

And that’s just the dykes.