Are The probate courts corrupt?

In his 1973 book, Norman F. Dacy (“HOW TO AVOID PROBATE”) levels some seroius charges atb the American probate system of administering estates. Among other things, he charges that:
-probate judges regulary awrd guardianships, adminsitrations to friends and relatives
-the selection of probate judges is highly political-most judgeships are awrded as political favors
-lawyer’s fees can eat up 75% of an estate!
Any probate experts here? Are these charges true?

I’m not a probate expert, but you are dealing with a 31-year old book.

Do you want to know if the probate system was as corrupt as it was claimed back then or do you want to know how it is today?

The only claim that might be valid is how much of an estate lawyer’s fees can claim. If the estate is all messed up and there are numerous claims, I suppose lawyer’s fees could eat up everything.

I’d like to know if the same conditions (as far as the appointment and behavior of probate judges) exist today.

If you tell us what state you are talking about, someone can probably tell you how probate judges are chosen.

DACEY mentions Ohio, New York, and Florida as being amont the worst.