Are there accountants or lawyers who work victim-side identity theft cases?

My wife was the victim of identity theft. A dozen or more accounts were opened in her name, and many thousands of dollars were charged.

We’re going through the process of contacting each individual company involved with these fraudulent accounts, our bank, and the credit reporting agencies. All of them want different paperwork, some of them want account numbers which of course we don’t have (yet they wont tell us what the numbers are), and it’s all basically one giant fucking disaster of bureaucracy.

I tried googling for identity theft advocates, hoping that there’s someone out there offering face-to-face service who my wife and I can make an appointment with and talk to in person, who will handle all this shit for us. But my googling isn’t turning up anything but defense attorneys.

Does the service I want even exist? If so, how do I search for it? And can anyone tell me what I might expect to pay for such a service?

Thanks in advance.

If there isn’t such a service, there certainly should be.