Are There Amish in All 50 States? How About Outside the US?

This Wikipedia article mentions Amish people in 22 states and Canada.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, there are Amish communities in:

…which means there are at least 18 states to go. Where are the rest?

Furthermore, are there any outside the US and Canada?

If not strictly Amish, are there any other insular Christian communities which shun modern conveniences outside the US? (Note that I’m not talking about monastics; I’m talking about communities with families and farms and their own little economies and whatnot).

This old thread will cover a LOT of the info you’re looking for. It covers some of the history of the Amish and their split from the Mennonites.

And this is a handy site that the thread linked to

The movement also has strong origins in Germany and the Netherlands (although their history pre-dates the geographic boundaries of “Germany” and “Switzerland” as we know these regios today.)

A lot of Mennonites have adopted a simple lifestyle, but IIRC, there are Mennonites in Mexico that do not shun modern conveniencs and are otherwise indistinguishable from the ordinary citizen.

IIRC there are Mennonites in various other latin American countries too.

The above links are a good place to start.

There is a small Amish community in southern Maryland, and there are huge Amish markets in Burtonsville and (I think) Westminster.

There is supposed to be a small community of Amish in Pontotoc, Mississippi.
But this page indicates that there are Amish communities in:

Huh … As a kid, I remember seeing Amish in Arkansas as well, although perhaps they were not technically Amish?