Are there any Aligator Dentists or boob inspectors?

I wonder if those ‘joke’ jobs actually exist.

What other ‘joke’ jobs exist?

Surely the people that run the mammogram machines could call themselves boob inspectors.

And there are vets who spesialize in exotic animals, which just might include aligators…

There are joke titles, such as Chief Domestic Engineer instead of housewife or something, but they all have some type of real job underneath the fluff.

So do you mean silliness like Official Cosmonaut Pedicurist because there simply isn’t anyone who’s job it is to trim Ruskienaut toenails?

I don’t think this is precisely what you’re talking about, but it is along the same vein.

There was a SNL skit a few years ago that was actually a Redd Foxx bit - about ‘Cork Soakers.’

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While it’s not the actual job title, there are a few people I work with who actually do have cork soaking as one of their main duties here.

Don’t forget about the sock tuckers. And the guys that insert corks into wine bottles are actually Cork Sockers.