Are there any brands of Office Desks that are considered top of the line?

I’m buying a standard 6 ft steel desk for my mom’s office. Three drawers on the left and a regular drawer with filing drawer on the right.

The most common desk I’ve seen in offices.

I want something well built that will last. I hate drawers that jam.

Are there any brands of Office Desks that are considered top of the line? Brands that I should look for?

Will be buying from an Office furniture store that offers delivery & setup.

That leaves Office Depot out. I called the store and they don’t deliver.

Here’s a 5 ft steel desk similar to what I want.

It has a file depth drawer on each side. I prefer three shallow drawers on the left.

Single key locks all the drawers at one time.

I’d say the biggies are Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll and Haworth.

But honestly that style of desk is really old-fashioned. Where I work, we buy desks like this, with rolling drawer units for storage. Many of these desks have electric motors so they can be raised or lowered.

What does your mother want?

Storage is important to her. She’s down sizing from a large house and large executive desk. That thing must be 8 ft wide. We’re leaving it behind.

We did move her small computer hutch and shelving. Similar to this. Particle board, but it’s held up fine for 20 years.

I plan to go to the store this week. I’ll keep an open mind to any newer style desks.

This is built to order so it takes some time, but the Amish make amazing furniture.

I bought an oak desk from them a few years ago that I love. Todd is the owner. I pre-paid by check instead of using credit card and I think he gave me about a 2% discount.

Wow that’s some amazing wood working. Anyone would be thrilled to have custom furniture like that.

I found a local store that sells used and new desks.

Some of the used wood desks have been refinished.

Going tomorrow to see them.