Are there any charities that provide musical instruments to needy kids?

I have a extra guitar that I want to donate to a needy kid. My first guitar was given to me by a friend of my dad. I was 11 and it helped me develop a lifelong interest in playing music. It’s time to give back and help another kid.

I thought about Toys for Tots. But they seem to focus on toys. I’m trying to reach the local Marine coordinator to see if Toys for Tots even accepts musical instruments. They are pretty fussy, saying " Be sure to bring new (unopened, unwrapped) toys and drop them off". Apparently even a lightly used toy gets rejected. I know my timing is bad because of the holidays.

Are there any organizations that focus on providing needy kids with musical instruments? I very much want to reach out to them.

I’d talk to a local school or a music school. They no doubt have needy kids, and the gift is more likely to “stick” if the kid has a source of instruction.

In Nashville there is the W. O. Smith Music School

My standard answer to “What charity will take my one off thing to help someone” is to check with a local religious organization, if you’re comfortable with it. I volunteer at a community garden on a church’s property, and have gotten to know the main people from the church through that. They know their congregation - they know who needs things, and who can afford things. This particular one is in a rather poor part of town, so there is always a need.
Next idea, for this particular item - some place like Kids in Distress, or a foster home.

Good luck, and good for giving back!

There are more listed on this site:

W.O. Smith that Cub Mistress mentioned is one that I have personally donated to.

Great link. Thank you missred :smiley:

I’ll look through these. I can’t afford to ship a donation anywhere. (guitars cost $40 or more just to ship) Hopefully I’ll find a charity with a local drop off point.

Another option, though perhaps a less satisfying, is to sell the guitar and donate the proceeds.

I like Charity Music’s program. They require a very nominal deposit and the instrument is considered a loan. If the child loses interest then it can be returned and loaned to someone else. That makes sense. A lot of people lose interest when they realize how much practice is needed to learn music.

Hungry for Music is another charity I’m considering.