are there any Europeans out there ??

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. People who start out like him don’t last long around here. I predict a banning sometime in the near future.

'kay… hang it up POWER_station. This is soooo tired. Doesn’t your mom give you enough attention? Must you really seek attention in this sick and twisted way? 'cause you are just dicking around aren’t you? 'cause you can’t be this dumb… well on second thought I take that back. :rolleyes:

You’re being a real pain in everyone’s but.

Most people around here, save you and a couple of other racist, nationalist, xenophobe dickheads are pretty open minded, well-read folks. That the majority happen to be American is no wonder. Do you know where ‘The Straight Dope’ is published? Do you know were Chicago is?, never mind.

I’ll put it this way instead. The majority of people around here are bound to be American given that this is a US administered web site, capice?

(Note that I am totally avoiding getting into your obnoxious and shameful views on other cultures…quite frankly you’re too much of a prick for me to bother and your apparent IQ doesn’t indicate that there would be any point in debating it anyway.)

Never the less, how would you feel if some dumb ass from the US would start publishing anti-Norwegian debate articles in ‘Dagsavisen’ or ‘Aftenposten’?

In response to your OP I can only say, I hope that there are very few ‘Europeans’ of your sort around here.

Further, I myself happen to be fully, wholly and completely ‘European’. Are you?

As far as I understand you’re from Norway… you’re not even part of the European Union fercryinoutloud.
How many European countries have you lived in?
How many of our languages do you command and/or understand?
What do you even know about Europe as a continent, the European Union, the former Eastern Block, European history and the European culture-base?

I have a European passport. I have lived permanently in 4 European countries. I speak 4 European languages fluently and I mostly understand and sort of read about 5 more. I know a hell of a lot about the continent, the geopolitical situation, the history and our various and fascinating cultures. I love Europe, it’s my home. And still…

I love America and I respect and admire Americans just as much as I do my fellow Europeans. I don’t fucking understand the distinction between the two anyway, your given San Fransiscan will be about as different from a New Yorker or a Parisian and for that matter from the guy next door.

I started taking part in the debates on SDMB about two weeks ago thanks to a question from an American that is about to move to France and was worried about the rumors that he had heard about ‘Europeans’ hating Americans. It’s dreadful that you and the rest of your loudmouthed minority make people worry that way.

If you didn’t notice you’re not getting a lot of support. What you’re really asking is: “Aren’t there any other people that irrationally hate America and Americans around here?” isn’t it?

Answer: NO, not very many. Most people around here are too smart for that kind of bullshit, as are the majority of people that live in Europe.

Now; turn off your compute and go ski, drill some oil, or rinse some fish or something. Just leave us all alone. Most Europeans and Americans alike around here just think of you as vermin anyway.


PS If you are indeed Norwegian (I have been led to understand so). Instead of doing any of the above; go pick up some of the writings by Thomas Geir Hylland Eriksen, he’s a Norwegian anthropologists who specializes in the modern phenomena of absurd national identity. You might learn something, especially about what being Norwegian means (a nationality that exists only since 1909, if I might remind you). DS


Zev, How do I get my little smilie on there? I wanna be a smilie in France, too!

/end hijack of idiotic thread

Re: Sparculees’ post.

Well said.

Oh, please don’t tell me Power_Station’s Norwegian - he’ll make me ashamed of part of my ancestry.

Are there any others on the Boards?

So, let me get this straight… when you are presented with a good number of people who disagree with you, you automatically assume that it’s because they’re all conspiring against you?

Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that you might simply be wrong?

(And, for the record, I wouldn’t link to that site, POWER_Less, because they’ve got your number, in spades.)

POWER_station, I’m gonna make it really simple for you.

Take it from this European: one more thread, nay, post from you that so much as hints at the concept “nationality”, and you will find yourself without posting privileges. You are obviously incapable of discussing the concept in a mature and rational matter - which incidently is how we like it at the Straight Dope.

Now, since turnabout is fair play, and since this is in the wrong forum to begin with, I will now close this thread.