are there any Europeans out there ??

I’m just curious.

Seams that the majority here are Americans.
Cum on, let’s hear from you !


IMHO this should be in IMHO.

You know there are, you twit. Several of them have responded in the many threads you have started on the general theme of “The USA is the cause of all evil in the world.”

And what’s the rolleyes for?


See here: Dopers of the World Unite!

Zev Steinhardt

Well, I’m Scottish, and there a quite a few from Ireland and England, plus other countries, such as the Netherlands.


[sup](=subtle clue)[/sup]

what is your problem. Don’t answer if you are gonna use that language

how come you are answering if you are a yank, and a rude one too ?

Cause this is the pit you monkeyfucker!

Cum on! Feel the noize!

Hey, I answered and I’m a yank (although I wasn’t rude)…

[sub](BTW, why did you post this in the Pit, anyway?)[/sub]

Zev Steinhardt

So, POWER_Outage, you feel that Americans shouldn’t respond in your thread? Why? You asked a simple question… and an American would know if there are Europeans on the board just as well as anybody.

Your question has been asked and answered, in spades. Why you put this in the Pit is beyond me… it couldn’t be because you were planning on it getting a tad antagonistic, could it?

I’m just curious.

Seams that the majority here are smart people.
Cum on, let’s hear from you!
::sees the OP::

Okay, are there any other COMPLETE_morons out there?


I don’t have a problem, but thank you for asking.

I’m not american, but I’m not european either. Does that mean that I don’t exist?

Maybe the rest of the Europeans on the board aren’t particularly interested in associating themselves with a hate-mongering anti-Americanist? Just a thought.

Oh, and, incidentally, it would make sense that the majority of posters on this board would be American, since it’s an American Web site owned by an American company, and while I don’t have a cite, my guess would be that the majority if not the plurality of Internet users are Americans.

POWER_station, I’m usually just a lurker, but I’ve read enough of your posts to know that if you haven’t already had a pit rant against you, you deserve one

I answered because I knew the answer to your question.

I was rude because I believe you knew the answer already as well. I believe that this is the next installment in your series of disingenuous invitations to America bashing.

Now kindly cram it up your ass sideways, fuckwit.

Hi, I’m an American, and therefore Evil.

  • My point is that he (and some other) was pretty rude. Hamlet, zev_steinhardt gave a serious answer though.

The rest made me feel like this:

Oi, POWER_station. Instead of wasting our time with stupid threads, how’s about tomorrow - after you’ve done your paper round and your mam’s cooked your tea - you leave the computer alone and go build a den or something?