Are there any Foreign Army / Military bases on US soil?

The US have many permanent bases in many countries around the world.

I was wondering if any other countries have troops based on US soil - in their own barracks or compounds, not merely sharing a US base with US soldiers.

If so, which countries are represented? If not, is there a specific reason they choose not to be / are not required / not allowed there?


Germany has a military mission on the grounds of Dulles International Airport just outside of Washington, DC. It basically looks like a warehouse with a German flag on top. It’d be quite a stretch to call it a “base,” though.

That is the only site that I know of that relates to your question. There were some black helicopter-type stories about NATO forces taking over Holloman AFB a few years back, but those reports of a “takeover” were a) silly and b) would be excluded by your statement about US & foreign troops sharing a US base.

Bases and installations: No. Detachments: Yes.

There was an article a couple years back about a German detachment at a base in New Mexico. Wide open spaces to practice flying. But they were a detachment on a US installation.

And foreign military members (Canadian, British, etc…) are stationed at US military installations. Weird calling Canadians foreign.

Other foreing troops are frequently seen at US training installations. I saw Saudis at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS and there were Japanese pilots training at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL.

But bases, no.