are there any medications or supplements for low humidity

In a low humidity environment where you cant use a humidifier and moisturizing gel doesnt work are any medications or supplements able to retain moisture? I know accutane can cause dryness, are fuere oral things to take that do the opposite?

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Not sure if this counts, but there is “Ayr” nasal mist. It seems to help for me. Not really medication - as there is no active ingredient - just saline and preservative.

Keeping well hydrated with plenty of water will help a bit.

A glass of water can be a good way to moisturize.

Drinking water helps your body in a myriad of ways, but it doesn’t help with dry skin. You simply can’t hydrate your skin from the inside out. There are several things you can do for dry skin- apply moisturizer while skin is wet, increase humidity in the air, eat foods high in essential fatty acids, take cool showers, etc., but no, drinking more water will not help.

Rub yourself down with Crisco.

If rubbing myself down with crisco made me healthy I wouldn’t need to use the internet to ask strangers for medical advice in the first place.

I’ve tried Ayr nasal gel and found it no better than doing nothing. For whatever reason nasal saline products don’t work. I have used neosporin with good effect, but don’t want to use that in my nose. However I can use that as a hand moisturizer. I’ve tried using a high quality hand moisturizer after washing my hands but it didn’t really help much.

I already drink a gallon of fluids a day, I don’t know if more would help.

When my nose does that dry out and cracking thing, right on the edge, and I want to cry whenever I blow my nose 'cause owfuckingow…I use a bit of Vaseline up there. Yes, it looks like I’m picking my nose. No, I don’t care, 'cause the relief is immediate and profound.

If you want something more medical-ey, then you can get Aquaforat the drugstore now. It’s what they use on micropreemie baby skin while it’s still super thin and can’t retain its own moisture. ETA: I think maybe it’s a little better than Vaseline, because in addition to petroleum jelly that seals in what moisture you have, it also has glycerin, which sucks water out of the air.

I’d like to use vaseline or neosporin in my nose, but I’ve read that putting petroleum based products in your nose can cause lung problems if you inhale them.

However, I can’t find out how common that side effect is. It is something that happens to 1 out of 5 people, or 1 out of a million? If the latter I’ll take the risk since neosporin in my nose is the only gel/spray I’ve ever used that actually works.

Huh. Never thought of that. This guy says it “rarely” happens, but suggests using (saline spray and then if that doesn’t work) water based lubricant instead. You know which aisle to find that in, right*? Bow-chicka-wowow…

*Next to the condoms. :wink:

Long ago an otorhinolaryngoligist (ENT) recommended I swab Vitamin A&D Ointment inside my nostrils to keep them from cracking-and-bleeding during the low-humidity seasons. I think I’ve seen it in the baby stuff aisle or DIY medicine section. It didn’t help me, though; my nose reacted like there was something foreign in there and produced mucous until I’d blow my nose and wipe everything away. Then my nose would dry out later and crack-and-bleed anyway.:mad:

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Drink water, and what I do when I’m sleeping and the dry air bothers me is put my face under the covers. I push them up into a little tent shape so fresh air can get in, but it’s mixed with humid air.

Use a nasal product designed for use with oxygen tubes. They work and don’t have the possible side effects of putting petroleum products up your nose. Completely cured my ex-boyfriend’s painful nose and nosebleeds. I bought him one called Cann-Ease I believe.