Are there any movie review shows anymore?

Back in the day, there used to be a number of film review shows - Siskel & Ebert, At The Movies (with two other hosts after Gene and Roger left) and a few others.

While there are any number of written reviews on the web, and various newspaper and magazine ones, does anyone still actually do one where a host or two talks about the films coming out next week, on camera, showing clips? I’d be OK with one that is only available on streaming that I could view via my phone or Roku.

I’m not looking for podcasts where people talk about old films, but about the new and upcoming ones. The equipment is cheap compared to how it was back in the eighties, nobody needs a real studio. Heck, you could do it with the hosts via webcam.

I would like an answer to this question too. Man, I really miss Siskel and Ebert. I don’t even know of a decent website for reviews of current movies these days.

You may want to look for a YouTube channel rather than a video podcast — the latter don’t seem to be made much anymore. Good luck. :frowning:
(PS: my local NPR station does a one-a-week review radio show. It’s here: FilmWeek | 89.3 KPCC )

The BBC has a long-running two-hour show every week that is available to all as a podcast.

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I was a Siskel and Ebert fan from the very early days. I used to record and save each episode on VHS.

Detroit has a local Siskel-and-Ebertish show that previews and reviews each week’s movies.

The host and reviewers are ok, if a little too goofy at times, but the format is what you’re asking for. You can watch episodes on YouTube.


The BBC have just notably cancelled their far more long-running main TV film review programme: Film [XX], aka “Barry Norman”. A replacement format is apparently being considered.

Youtube is littered with movie review channels. Just search for whatever movie you want, followed by the word review.

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Yeah, there are so many that the problem OP will have will be choosing which review channel to use. Personally, I like Red letter media despite their attempts at making funny sketches

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That’s perfectly fine if I already know about the film, but what Roger and Gene and their competitors did was tell me about films I never heard of. Part of the reason so many people think that there’s nothing but remakes and superhero movies anymore is that they don’t know about all the little films that are coming out playing for a week and then disappear.

There are a few out there, and it take a while to find one that you like. It may not even be the best but it talks about hte things that you find to be important in a movie.

Personally, I am a fan of “looper” for upcoming movies, and also for movies that I have watched and am looking to understand a bit better.

Other fun ones are CinemaSins and CinemaWins for “reviewing” movies that have come out to DVD.

I like Half-In-The-Bag on Youtube. It’s the guys that did the Plinkett Star Wars and Star Trek movie reviews.

They only pick one or two movies and only post once a month, but there are two of them and they do discuss the movies in depth and give their reviews. They do not discuss them in advance so what you see on screen is fresh.

Fun, funny, and they are both pretty intelligent as well.

Here is their Bird Box review, which I just grabbed randomly.

Subscribe to the NY Times. Every Friday they have reviews - either short or long of 10 - 20 movies, most of which you’d never have heard of.

They don’t have movie clips though, do they?