Are there any non-carbonated cola-like drinks?

I am a huge fan of diet-pepsi. Soon I will not be allowed to drink it due to an operation that I am having to fix a hiatal hernia (well, actually a para-esophogial hernia)

I would like to find a substitute. Clearly just letting soda go flat isn’t going to cut it. I have never heard of anything like what I’m looking for, but hey, you never know…

The only thing that comes to mind for me is tea. I had to cut out carbonation for a while and ended up switching to iced tea. Maybe this would work? Good luck with your upcoming surgery. Hope it helps.

Buy the Pepsi syrup from a restaurant supplier, then just mix it with water instead of soda-water.

I had a drink that was popular in the Chicago area, or so I was told, that was like non-carbonated coke. This was in the early 1960’s. It was nasty, and very sweet. But I’m not a pop drinker, and I think it all tastes pretty nasty.
Buddy’s? Something like that. Course those midwestern guys who gave it to me are real kidders. There’s something halucinogenic in Lake Michigan water, I suspect. :wink: Do not drink the local beer. :eek:

I’m writing again because I was thinking that I would recommend Crystal Light Tea, since I noticed you said DIET coke. It is very good and also you might try the peach tea that they now carry. It is to die for! And I don’t even like peaches!

Not sure where you are in SE Pa but here in south jersey there is a local drink called “boast” it is made locally in riverside NJ. It’s kind of like a flat coke syrupy drink; lots of sugar and caffeine without the bubbles. I grew up on it so I like it a lot as do most natives, lots of non natives find it kind of funny tasting but you seem close enough to try it. It’s known as boast or take a boast. Its one of those weird local things

Sassafras tea is sort of Root-beery tasting (no caffeine though). I’m not sure how easy to find it is. I have a package here from the East India Tea & Coffee Co which is based out of California. (???) I picked it up at a Pea Soup Andersen’s gift shop, but you might be able to find something similar at a Cracker Barrel or similar place.

Thanks Rikster, I went out and looked for it today, but haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep looking - although “lots of sugar” may not work for me.

I remember having a drink once at a restaurant which I think was called Tamarindo, but I might have the name wrong. It was a little like orange soda, but not soda, since it wasn’t carbonated.

Rikster’s drink sounds a lot like what I remember drinking in Chi, so I could be wrong about the location. I did spend some months in Brooklyn, in and around the old Navy shipyards. Sweet and syrupy, with a definite cola flavor.
It’s been 35 years or so, and it was a generational favorite back then. Just like SCHAEFER beer. No accounting for taste, huh? Do they still drink that stuff, er, I mean beer?


Good luck with your surgery, Khadaji!

Oh Yeah! Good luck. I had one of those hernia surgeries. Piece of cake. I can’t have sex now, but other than that…

Thanks for the well-wishes guys. Last year at this time I had major surgery - it didn’t go well. Bad enough, but on top of that it made my symptoms go from bad to severe. The last year has been hell. I’m hoping and praying that this time I can get some semblance of a normal life. If this doesn’t work, they are talking about taking my esophagas out…

Can’t you just shake or blow bubbles through coke until it’s flat?