Are there any other DS games like Puzzle Quest?

My husband loved Puzzle Quest. There’s a new one (SciFi!) coming out next year, but I’m looking for something to give him for the holidays this year. I gave him Professor Layton for his birthday, and he likes it, but it doesn’t have the RPG aspects he like so much about Puzzle Quest. It’s gotten to the point where’s he’s pulled his old copy of Riven out of storage and loaded it on his PC (he gave up on it twice without finishing it, although he loved Myst).

So, puzzles and adventure. Whatcha got?

Wow. Worse than I thought. :frowning: Thanks anyway guys. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year.

Not a DS game, but take a look at Spandex Force. It’s more or less the same gameplay as Puzzle Quest.

Thanks Septima. That looks kind of cool.