Are there any places that sell food items at a discount near closing you go to

Around here all the gas stations sell the donuts really cheaply starting around 6pm. I don’t like donuts too much so I don’t visit them.

Are tehre any food service places you go to that offer food really cheaply right before they throw it out? I was hoping a pizza place here in town would sell me pizza cheap instead of throwing it out but nope.

My local supermarket often sells fresh food items at heavily discounted prices from around 11.00pm onwards because it closes at midnight. I take advantage of this quite frequently.

It isn’t close to me, but the horse racing track I go to always gives my friends and I free pizza at the end of the night. We buy a lot of beer there and stand by the side discussing our wagers. At the end of the night, they just “happen” to have almost an entire pizza left for us!

My mom used to work for a community health care clinic. They got a bagel company to agree to donate all the bagels left over on the weekend to the clinic where volunteers would wrap them up in packages of a dozen and then they’d go to low income families and some of the nearby homeless.

There’s a donut shop near me where I often go for coffee and a bagel. If I go near closing time, I get free donuts, usually about a half-dozen.

Also, I know of a restaurant that serves crab legs, and if you go near closing time and order them, they give you extra because they want to get rid of the excess.

I can go to the KFC that is very close to my house and get a bucket of chicken for the price of an individual meal if I am the last person in the restaurant before closing but I also knew an employee but I also know of a donut place that will give away anything over a day old for free many times.

Our local grocery store chain will frequently mark down the meat in the meat department at about 9 am every morning, right before they put out the “fresh” meat. There’s nothing wrong with it (the “reduced” meat), but it’s just they need to sell it NOW and can’t put out the fresh stuff while the other stuff is still on the shelves. I’ve gotten steak for about $1.50, a pound of ground beef (the 90% lean) for about 85 cents and roasts for a few dollars. I usually buy as much as I can afford, then stick it all in the freezer.