Are there any rare or out of print DVDs that are particularly valuable?

Actual DVDs not Blu rays.

I have to downsize my collection because I have less space after a recent move. Just wondering if I have any diamonds in the rough as it were. Are there any ones you’ve heard of that are particularly valuable?

It looks like Star Wars DVDs where Han shoots first go for a bit more.

“I want to say one word to you. Just one word.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Are you listening?”
“Yes, I am.”

Okay, so more than one word. Quite a few Disney videos are worth more than their original price (a rarity nowadays). Certain sets, e.g., some of those with metal cases are worth enough to sell on eBay.

Huh. I learned something today. I would never have thought that. Too bad I don’t have any.

The most rare/valuable ones I knew from the early days of DVD were the unedited Devil’s Advocate and Little Shop of Horrors with the alternate ending. Don’t know if they are still valued, though.

Also, if you have the Criterion Collection Akira Kurosawa 25 DVD box set, that is completely worthless and if you send it to me, I’d be willing to dispose of it for you.

I don’t have any that are really valuable. But I do have Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS on DVD. Bought it a long time ago. Amazon has 3 used & new from $62.99.

I also have Ears Open Eyeballs Click on DVD. Going for $74.99 on Amazon.

Volume 10 of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection had a rights problem with Godzilla vs. Megalon, so the set was pulled and replaced with a “Volume 10.2” that has The Giant Gila Monster on Disc 1 instead. Looks like the original v10 goes for $200+ these days.

The original dvd of The Warriors (the one that was released in 2001) is relatively rare. This was the only release of the theatrical version of the movie. All of the releases since then have been the director’s cut.

Go to eBay and search the sold listings for the titles you own (or a reasonable subset thereof if it starts to seem like none of them seem valuable). Here is a list:

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The criterion collection edition of Spinal Tap still seems to be about a hundred dollars.

That dvd has two commentary tracks that were never released on any other edition of the movie. One is by Rob Reiner, Karen Murphy, Robert Leighton, and Kent Beyda. The other is by Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, and Harry Shearer (this is not the commentary which they do in character on other editions).

FYI: If you want to sell DVDs online, you can’t sell them on Amazon unless you can prove you obtained them through proper channels and that they are not counterfeits, and the paperwork for this is not worth it for the individual seller. Use eBay instead.

The DVD edition of Big with the alternate ending.

Banacek. Goes for around $100.

Really wish they’d made a third season.

I think that’s a “Region 99” DVD that can only played in an parallel timeline.
I got burned when I bought a Region 99 DVD of “Remo Williams: The Adventure Continues”


Glad I got mine when I did.

Darn thought for a minute that I had that rare “Devil’s Advocate” one.

If you have *any *Criterion Collection or Fox Studio Classics editions, check eBay before unloading.

Most are worth just a couple bucks, but there are rarities that are worth a pretty, pretty penny.

I remember there being a big to-do over a version of Robocop when DVDs first came out. And yeah, Criterion is a good bet. I sold a bunch of old never-opened DVDs on C-list a couple of years ago and there was a bidding war on one by Kurosawa, guys calling me constantly. Can’t recall which it was, though - after all, I’d never watched it.

Surely one of the cuts of Blade Runner has appreciated?