Are there any real life "Murder Houses" (ala American Horror Story)?

For those who don’t watch American Horror Story the plot revolves around a creepy 1920s mansion that has been the site of numerous murders (not all of them discovered), beginning with a wife/husband murder/suicide (following an infanticide that occurred off property) in the 1920s, a highly publicized home invasion/murder in the 1960s, and a SWAT team killing of a teenager ca. 1994, and the apparent murder/suicide (actually double murder) of a gay couple ca. 2010. There have been many other murders on the place as well, many of them unrevealed; pretty much every week we learn of somebody else killed in the house or see somebody killed in the present.

While obviously this situation is waaaay over-the-top- no house that had seen that many reported grisly homicides would not be world famous- I’m wondering if there any houses that have similar (if, obviously, much lesser) reputations.

I’m not referring to places like 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles- the site of the murders of Tate/Frykowski/Parent/Folger/Sebring/unborn baby that became a landmark on various tours of L.A. (still is actually even though the house was torn down a few years ago to build two McMansions on the lot), but a place that has seen two or more unrelated murders separated by time. After the Manson murders the house went through a series of occupants and owners and never saw another violent crime.

Closer would be the site of The Old Breweryin NYC’s Five Points; while the legend of the place likely grew with every retelling, it is highly probable there were many murders there over the 15 years it was an overcrowded hell-on-Earth tenement (though less likely there was an average of a murder a day there for over a decade as reported in various ‘American horror stories’, plus it was torn down before the Civil War. Likewise the Lalaurie Mansionin New Orleans, site of a real life ‘chamber of horrors’ of tortures and medical experiments carried out by Mme. Lalaurie and her physician husband up to the 1830s, is said by local tour guides to have been the site of other murders as well, but there seems to be no external verification of this and it’s most likely just added in for local legend.

Are there any homes or buildings still standing the U.S. that have been the site of two or more well documented but unrelated murders?

There’s this one:

At least one other death (the son of a 1920s film critic - from what I gather so far it was a natural death from illness), but the real draw is the Perelson murder/suicide.


I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I would guess that many prisons have been the site of multiple unrelated, documented murders.

Another not-really-what-you’re-looking-for example (sorry!) along the lines of the Lalaurie Mansion would be the “murder castle” hotel constructed by H.H. Holmes in Chicago. (Described in both this old Straight Dope column and the book Devil in the White City.) But that building is no longer standing, it burned down a few years after Holmes left Chicago.

The Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, MO

Lemp Mansion in St. Louis.

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Hmm. I wonder how the members of that family who lived away from that house (i.e. if suicide was still a more common cause of death than it was for the average population).