Are there ANY religions that aren't self-contradicting?

Of course, Islam has been getting all the press lately, ranging from editorials about the supposedly inherent violence and hatred in the Koran to editorials about the supposedly inherhent peacefulness and love in the Koran…and many people are familiar with the apparent split-presonality of Christianity and Judaism as well…so I suppose my question is; historically, has there ever been a case where the adherents of a religion have overwhelmingly kept on the same page as their founder and not contradicted a major aspect of their own belief?

Branch Davidians?

(okay, I don’t know much about the philosophy, but it seemed oh so witty at the time)

What about the thuggee?

A religious sect which strangled people to honor their god, Kali.

Or were you interested in religions which preach “good things” and do “good things”?

In my opinion, religion itself is contradictory, inasmuch as God Himself despises it.

The Church of Me. :smiley: “Give me all your money, do what I say, and don’t backtalk.” Hard to find a contradiction here.

Seriously, to rip off what Libertarian said, religions are inherently contradictory because they are created by and run by humans, who have contradictory wants.

He tell you that Himself Lib?

For those that abhor the term “religion”, I’ll expand the scope of the question to include “personal relationships with Jesus based on most of the same principles that Christians have used for millenia…”

Yes, God Himself told me this. Religion is just politics with a different dress.

Isaiah 1:10-17


For more info go here.

Homebrew, I bet it wouldn’t take me very long to find verses that call for burnt offerings and sacrifices, but instead I’ll play the interpretation game and say that God isn’t saying that he absolutely despises burnt offerings, but only those made while the actions of the offering party are evil in every other respect. And in the book of James, the author describes “true religion” or “pure religion” in the context of Christian life.

Libertarian…from the same passage that you gave:

*23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices–mint, dill and cummin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law–justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, **without neglecting the former.”*24 [emphasis mine]

So which is it? Is Jesus saying that giving in accordance to religious tradition is wrong, or that it is incomplete without living according to what is preached? Seems to me that religion is all over the place in Christianity…


Well, that just raise a hair or two around here. The atheist religion, eh?


He is saying that they professed a belief that those things identified as “the former” were expressions of their faith. Thus, they ought not to neglect them, but they ought not to sully them with their greater hypocrasy.

So then you agree that Jesus was not condemning religion there? He was condemning hypocrisy? Sure sounds like he wasn’t condmening religion there at all…


His Question never said it couldnt be an atheist religion. Therefore I believe my answer answers his question.

Well, if you believe what you read in the Talmud, Judaism isn’t self-contradicting.

But I can’t really explain the whole thing to you on one foot.

Are you therefore saying that the religion/personal faith of all Christians/Jews/Muslims is self-contradictory? I’m not sure that I’d agree.

The Krishnas?

He also didn’t say it couldn’t be pear religion. But seeing as how pear isn’t a religion, it’s kind of disqualified, isn’t it?

…and one I asked here:

As a fairly hard-line unbeliever, I was most impressed with Orthodox Judaism - it seemed to me to be the most reasonable and self-consistent religious belief system.


You’re all in my head.