Are There Any Sleepwalkers Here?

Over the course of my life, there have been numerous instances of small tasks that I had gotten out of bed to do, but upon waking up I had no recollection of ever doing–mostly minor things like opening or closing a window or getting a glass of water. I just assumed that I had simply forgotten about it. I’ve also awakened with unexplained scrapes and bruises.

So last night I managed to fall asleep while I was in the middle of reading a book, with the light left on. I then dreamt that I knew the author of this book, and that for some reason I urgently needed to contact him. I picked up the phone expecting to hear his voice on the other line, but all I heard was a dial tone. Apparently, in my dreams, dialing the phone isn’t required.

I hung up the phone and tried again, with the same result. Since placing this call was so urgent, I became very frustrated by my inability to do so. After several attempts I started slamming the receiver down against the phone until, eventually, it broke apart.

In my dream, I then noticed I was thirsty and went to get some water. I pulled my Brita out of the refrigerator, but it did not occur to me to get a glass as well. I wasn’t able to figure out how to work the device, so I ended up tilting the whole thing back, pouring water all over myself. At this point I finally woke up, noticed several items were in disarray, and saw the smashed phone.

Does the above story sound typical of sleepwalking? I suspect I’ve been doing something similar to this about once a month or so, but this was the first time I remembered the event. What experiences have you had while sleepwalking??

Since I can recall seeing what was going on, I assume that my eyes were wide open at the time. Is this common?

Is there any chance I could do something more complex while asleep, such as driving a car? What precautions do I need to take??


I recently had a sleepwalking incident (the first that I know of) where I spent a good portion of time flicking a lightswitch on and off, much to the annoyance of Tir Tinuviel. But I was asleep, so got away with it.

As a pre-teen/teen, I would sleepwalk frequently, until about the age of 16.

I would run around the house, talking in a confused voice, then return to bed.

I talk in my sleep - extensively. There’ve only been a few times when I’ve actually gotten up out of bed while still asleep.

The last time was right before I moved from California to Texas - my apartment was completely packed up, including my bed, so I was sleeping on my couch. I had some dream that involved lethal bunny rabbits attacking, and at some point, one of them went directly for the sofa I was on. I ended up leaping to my feet, making some sort of “BWWAAAAAAAAHH!” battle cry.

And then I woke up. On my feet, surrounded by boxes, still going “aaaaaaah…”. And there wasn’t a bunny in sight.

Boy, did I feel silly

I used to sleepwalk. I suppose that I could still be doing it and never know, given that I live alone, but I think I’ve stopped. I used to get out of bed, tell my roommates I’d be back, and leave the dorm barefoot, wandering around Boston in the middle of the night. I once apparently had a dream I was being attacked, and woke up to discover I had punched three people who tried to help me. And I once had a dream that I was getting a haircut, and woke up holding a pair of scissors with just about all the hair on the left side of my head floating around in the bed with me.

So yes, you could be doing this. I’ve woken up in trees, you may someday decide to leave your house. I don’t know how best to stop it, short of having someone there who can turn you around and put you back to bed. My roommates used to lock me in my room once I was asleep.