Are there any statistics for the number of Shopper deaths in Malls and big box stores?

I witnessed one elderly man collapse in a mall. Fortunately a nurse was close by and rendered aid until EMS arrived. I don’t think he made it. :frowning: He never moved after collapsing. This was in the mid 1990’s and I still occasionally think about it. It definitely puts the fragility of people in perspective.

Any national stats for the number of people that collapse and die in stores like Walmart or Malls? Shopping can involve stress and a bit of exercise. Not a good combination for people with coronary artery disease.

If you’ve ever Googled “People of Walmart”. There’s hundreds of photos of people that are heart attacks just waiting to happen. There’s also quite a few funny photos too.

I guess no one else found any information either. Tracking deaths at malls and stores isn’t something they’d be happy about. I don’t think crime is tracked at those locations either.

Just IMHO, but there aren’t going to be any ‘official’ statistics obviously because mall owners don’t want bad publicity like that. And rightfully so because, again IMO, there’s nothing really special about shopping at a mall in terms of physical or emotional stress. It’s as atypical an American environment as you can get.

The only way to research this would be to search local news articles and try and come up with some kind of statistics. But again, I don’t see it as deviating from any norm…

Shopping can represent a high level of exercise for many. My mom is 82 and pretty much stays home now. She doesn’t get much exercise walking around inside the house. Trips out to the store wear her out. To the point that she has to lie down when she gets home. Especially the Supercenters like Walmart has. That’s a lot of walking for someone not used to it. Sams Club especially is hard for her because the package sizes are so much larger. It bothers me a lot because even 5 years ago this wasn’t an issue for her. She’s had a Sams membership since the early 1980’s.

I suspect its not just the elderly that have difficulty in the bigger stores. Younger people aren’t exactly in the greatest shape either. But it doesn’t wear them out like an older person.

The Sick & Wrong podcast introduced me to the Black Friday Death Count.