Are there any "test tube" babies among us?

Inspired by Ggurl’s thread, I’m just curious. I heard the numbers of test tube multiples are dropping, and we all know that this has been around for 25+ years. Are any of you Dopers a test tube baby? Any insights to share?

The funniest thing about this thread is that no-one has replied to it.

Sorry, it’s not funny anymore :wink:

Actually no one uses the term “Test-Tube baby” anymore… it’s IVF or ICSI depending on the treatment used.

Actually no one uses the term “Test-Tube baby” anymore… it’s IVF or ICSI depending on the treatment used.

I was conceived by unnatural and unholy means.
Does that count?

Got one, born 1984. I could have had seven siblings if all the embryos took…

Does that mean no one knew what I was talking about? I thought everyone knew the term “Test Tube Baby.” Huh. Let me re-phrase: Is anyone here an in-vitro-ly fertilized baby?

Well, one of my nephews is an IVF baby, but he won’t be able to post here for another 11 years at least. :wink:


I was born the same week as Louise Brown, the first test tube baby. (She’s 4 days older than me.) The Newsweek that week had her on the cover, with the headline “THAT BABY!” My parents clipped it and glued it to the inside cover of my baby book. As a kid, I thought it was me. How nice of Newsweek to welcome me into the world!

My cousin is one; she was also carried by her biological father’s sister (her aunt, who is also my aunt) because her bio mom had endometriosis. I think she knows the story now, but when she was younger she said innocently to my aunt, “Wow, how do you always remember my birthday?”

How funny, Kyla, b/c I was, too, and I was so about to post that. “No, I’m not a test-tube baby, but dammit, I was born the same week as the very first one!”

Happy 26th birthday to all of us in four months. :smiley:

Not conceived w/IVF or other advanced techniques (I’m about 11 months older than Louise Brown) but I was conceived with Clomid (a fertility drug) and after my mom had a D&C. Do I count?