Are there any unlimited cellphone plans?

I’ve been thinking about switching from my 7-11 speakout pre-paid plan to a contract one. I seem to remember seeing one or two ads for unlimited cellphone plans a while ago. By unlimited I mean that you pay one flat monthly fee and receive and/or make as many calls as you’d like.

Now that I look around, I can find nothing of the sort. If you know of any, let me know.

PS: As long as I have good coverage in South East Florida, I’ll be fine. I pretty much never leave the Miami-West palm beach area.

Thanks for your time.


Check the yellow pages for the providers in your area and select maximum daytime hours and rates.
Go to ** Select a Cell Phone Plan **
You can pay for more time than you have to talk!

Try MetroPCS. Unlimited calling seems to be their big marketing message, although I have no idea how good the coverage is where you are.