Are there any websites for reviewing user submitted short stories?

Pretty much what the title says, I’ve put together a couple of short stories and I’d like to get some feedback on them, is there any website where you can upload your stories and other people read them and give some feedback?


Critters is one I’ve seen recommended for SF, Fantasy and horror. Not active in othe genres.

Zoetrope All Story used to have one, can’t speak to the current activity there, though
I’ve never found online crit circles to be terribly helpful, I’m afraid.

I see, thank you for the suggestions anyway!

Who would provide the feedback, and what would be their credentials and standards?

Just ordinary people I suppose, I’m not trying to get published or anything.

Zoetrope–you have to review a few stories before you can post one.

Absolute Write–I used to like this site, not so much any more but I think they still have the critique thing.

Depends if you believe your reviewers on these sites. Some, when posting, will actually give their publishing credits, which can then be looked up.

If you liked their story, you might find their crit more valuable!

(I think I used to be on absolute write, but I’ve drifted more Lit Fic and less genre than the majority of the posters)