Are there "Black Karens"?

Unless I miss my guess, DrDeth is on a personal crusade to erase the existence of the Karen meme.

Since people are calling men “Karens” now, then yes. But I’m so done with this meme.

Okay, thanks for clarifying. I was juggling around “Karen”, “Black Karen” (100% sure that’s not good), “Felicia / Felisha” and trying to pick out the worst of the lot.

Can’t we just go race and gender-neutral and use “Asshole” as a catch-all? It sucks if you named your child something that ends up carrying a negative association. If you happen to name your kid “Asshole”, that’s a whole other set of problems there…

But it’s too catch-all for some purposes. There are other ways of being an asshole besides being a “Karen.”

The essence of Karenhood is the confidence that you can invoke the powers that be, and those powers will take your side. It’s not every white woman, but it’s only white women (white men are more likely to use physical violence).

I don’t say “Karen” anymore, I use “whitelady” instead because that’s exactly what it is. Somebody invoking whiteness to make the situation more comfortable for whiteness.

An earlier thread that may be of interest.


The essence of Karenhood is the confidence that you can invoke the powers that be, and those powers will take your side. It’s not every white woman, but it’s only white women (white men are more likely to use physical violence).

If you mean the power of law enforcement, I agree with you.

But I think another kind of Karen has overconfidence in her own power. This can be any one.

I’ve been trying to stop referencing the Karen meme so much, because its been taken over by sexists and misogynists. It’s also been run into the ground and isn’t so funny anymore… However, it would be stupid for me to act like there isn’t a segment of “women of a certain age” who don’t fit a certain stereotype. My mother is a member of this segment. She is a black Karen.

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about my neighborhood association and how I don’t go to any of the meetings. My mother was telling me I should support it because such groups help to protect property values and that kind of thing. Somehow this led to the subject of lawn maintenance. I told my mother that I’m happy to live in a neighborhood where people aren’t expected to keep their yards to “golf course” quality. It’s normal to see yards with more weeds than grass. It’s not unusual for front yards on my street to be mowed twice a week rather than once a week. Cuz this is a working class neighborhood. I like that folks aren’t sweating their property values that much.

My mother heard me say this and unleashed a Karenesque rant on me about how it isn’t that hard to pull weeds and push a mower. Mind you, this is a woman who has NEVER pulled a weed or pushed a mower. She wouldn’t know how to turn on a weed wacker if her life depended on it. She’s always had her husband or her son do these chores for her.

She told me that if she lived in my neighborhood, she’d leave notes on people’s doors informing them that they needed to cut their grass. That’s when I unleashed on her and told her that if anyone left such a note on my door, I would think my neighborhood had been unfiltrated by Karens. And I would just let my grass get longer to piss them off more.

I know my mother doesn’t know what “Karens” are, but she just said “OK” real quiet-like and changed the subject.

So yes, black Karens exist. As a class, Karens are self-important people who think they can boss others around for absolutely no reason. White Karen will probably threaten to call the cop on you or talk to the manager if you do something she deems “wrong” . Black Karen just unleashes on you and call you triflin’.

Yes. It is bigoted and hurtful. And better terms like “entitled bitch”. Not bigoted.

Oh no, it is not just white women. You know the Film “Crazy Rich Asians” ? Yeah wealthy asian women can be every bit as entitled and bitchy. I suppose so can Blacks, etc.

Bigoted and hurtful to whom, exactly?

And what color is the sky on your planet? Because I would be willing to bet I would be called a bigot of one sort or another for uttering the word “bitch” far more than I would for calling somebody out as a “Karen”.

You obviously know a Karen, apparently, and you are white-knighting the shit out of this for her, but your position is terribly flawed.

I’ve been trying to stop referencing the Karen meme so much, because its been taken over by sexists and misogynists. It’s also been run into the ground and isn’t so funny anymore… …

Yep. it started small, only about really bitchy entitled women trying to pull shit. Now it is just a way to be misogynistic and sexist. That’s why I have been on my “crusade.”

What I love is me saying “Using karen is misogynistic, sexist, bigoted and hurtful.” the defense is “well, we NEED a term for this!!”. (Oddly, this attitude has been around since Roman times at least, but…) So then I suggest “Entitled bitches” - and they respond with “Oh we cant use the B word, it is misogynistic, and sexist!”. riiiiight…

Hurtful to those named Karen who arent entitled bitches. Sure you can figure that out.

It is bigoted as it is only used vs white women. That defines “bigoted” .

Sure, you can’t use “bitch” because it is sexist, but you can use “karen”.

As has been stated, in this very thread, most agree that it can define somebody of ANY race, and apparently has even been used to call out men. Though usually men get the “Kevin” or “Ken” tag, which means the same damn thing.

The stereotype that started it is definitely that of a middle-aged, bitchy (if you so insist) white woman who thinks that her opinion should be the law of the land, and that everybody needs to kowtow to her whims… but it is the BEHAVIOR that is being called out, not the person’s race, or for that matter, gender.

Much like “Ok, Boomer” referred to the casually dismissive attitude CERTAIN people display toward the younger generations (and this board is chock-full of examples, from both sides of the political spectrum), it is not a general term meant to tar every single person of the Boomer generation, just people that display a certain attitude. And my teenage daughter has used it effectively and properly against ME to call attention to my shitty attitude, and I’m not even forty yet!

Yes, now a few use it to refer to other racers. Very few. And how does using other common names help?

No one, afaik, is named “Boomer”. Might be a couple, but there are 1,469,388 karens, it is the 24th most common name.

But why insist on your right to be misogynistic, sexist, bigoted and hurtful.

You can call out the behavior without using “karen”. Since that erm only got into COMMON use* this year, i am pretty sure it isnt needed. What did you use five years ago? Use it now.

  • it has been around for a few more, but not commonly.

In what way is “Karen” misogynistic, sexist, or bigoted*?

More importantly, in what way does it meet those definitions in a way that “bitch” does not, considering your over-the-top response?

* Yes, I did not include “hurtful”, as… well… it’s a pejorative, of course it’s hurtful. And any substitute pejorative would be equally hurtful.

Okay, how about referring to them as “HumAnnoyeds” (humanoids)?

I find it interesting that you’re over here telling a woman what is sexist, misogynistic, hurt, and bigoted. But you’re in the JK Rowling thread acting like you are woke. I wish you were the only man with this blindspot, but unfortunately you have a lot of company.

This is beyond ridiculous. There are over 71 million Boomers, who would definitely identify as Boomers, as the term has been in use for a long damn time. What the hell does it being a “name” have to do with it?

I am?

I’m asking what makes “Karen” MORE (apparently) sexist, misogynistic, and bigoted than “Bitch”. You want to call me out because I don’t agree with your position regarding trans-rights, feel free to do so in that thread. I don’t mind.

But don’t put words in my mouth.

ETA: I do see I could be more clear, I suppose. I’m trying to figure out why DrDeth thinks “entitled bitch” is a superior substitute to the pejorative of “Karen”.

Because bitch is a term of endearment. It’s a verb. It’s a noun. Calling someone a bitch can definitely be sexist and bigoted. But it can be lots of things.

Karen is being used as a stand-in for cunt now. It’s being used to describe women who are just voicing an opinion or asserting themselves. It’s being used to describe bad-behavior men, who are the source of 90% of all bad behavior on the planet. 19-year-old incel basement dwellers love Karen memes. They don’t bash on “bitches”, because bad-ass bitches have taken “bitch” back. Bros and their cool chick associates bash Karens. Spend five minutes on Reddit if you don’t believe me.