Are there civilian MREs with rotating desserts?

So a year or so ago I got a package of [del]MREs[/del] Prepackaged and preserved full meals, and the entrees had a lot of variety and were as tasty as fast food if you heated them up. But the extras did not have a lot of variety besides a slighly different variety of cracker/peanut butter combo. The rest of it was ALWAYS exactly a package of M+Ms, a vanilla shake, a citrus beverage mix, and a cookie.

Are there any MREs type meals that I as a civilian can purchase where the snacks are rotated? All the ones I’ve found had a variety of entree available but not the extras.

I know in the past I have had some type of lemon poppy seed thing and a chocolate brownie but I prefer the M&M’s. We also used to make a PB and cocoa powder sandwiches with the biscuits.

As far as I know the only civilian MREs like you are talking about are Menu C Military MRE’s with Heaters. Even though it says “Military”, they are not.

I haven’t tried the Menu C brand. I buy real military MREs on Ebay – never had a problem.

Thanks, if I order them again I’ll try that company, although I do note that they only promise different entrees rather than sides, but that’s better than definitively having the exact same sides all the time like the rest of the places.

Plus, there’s this disturbing item list:

Mmmmmm, carb fortified BBQ sauce :slight_smile: