Are there land mammals normally without eyelashes?

I’m not looking for the genetic fluke or sick individual. It needs to be a distinct trait of a species.

How about no eyes at all? The marsupial molehas only vestigial eyes under their skin, no external features at all.

Geez, those things are ALL eyelash.

They’re like furry slinkies!

I can’t really tell with all the fur if there are eyelash hairs where the residual eye feature is. It looks like a possibility.

Any others people?

Hippo maybe?
pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

Looks like Hippo is a good candidate. Maybe something vestigial, but it’s surely not evident in those pix.

The Pangolin may be a candidate, but I can’t tell. (Yes it’s a mammal)

Do we have a hippopotomologist in the house who can confirm?

On behalf of many sleepless nights to come, please accept this Gibbs smack.

I can’t see any eyelashes on our guinea pigs.

I don’t believe any rodents have eyelashes do they?

The only place the pangolins retain normal hair is their eyelashes.
And mice and guinepigs have eyelashes. They aren’t a lot longer than the surrounding fur, but they are there

I don’t think cats have eyelashes.

By eyelashes, i thing you are referring to specialized hair around the outer edge of the eyelid that protected the eye.

Cats have fur but nothing specialized.

Cats totally have eyelashes. I’m looking at them right now.

Isn’t it just fur?

its not any different from the rest of their face fur.

It’s quite different. This picture gives you a better view.

Those are NOT eyelashes…

Theyre whisker like projections that originate in the brow. They have a sensory purpose and have no part in the protection of the eye.

You can see the eyelashes in that picture. Yes, you can see the eyebrow homologues (what you call “whisker like projections”). You can also see the eyeball, but that’s not an eyelash either.

Way to be perfectly anti-cooperative there, Pangolins.