Are there many countries in Africa that don't, well, suck?

…I’m not saying that biological race is the cause. I’m not even going to try and figure out the social, political, and economic forces through the centuries that caused the problems in Africa.

But I will say this: the general impression one gets about the African continent is that, well, it generally sucks to live there. What with the famine and poverty and war and hemmoragic fevers and all.

But…surely all of Africa can’t be like that, right? It’s just that you mostly hear about it when stuff’s going badly, right?

I mean, South Africa is a first-world country, or almost is. But it has crime and social problems that make Gotham City look like the Amish country.

And Kenya, from what little I’ve heard, doesn’t seem too bad. No war and famine, at least.

So…where else in Africa does it not suck to live in?

Your OP is inappropriate for GQ. Maybe if you had worded it differently I might have allowed it to stand. Although, it still would not have a factual answer. You might not like living there, but there might be millions of others that do.

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