Are there reallly 53000

active members here and what percentage of them actually use the message board?

I have a very tiny mb compared to this place, but the percentage that uses is it less than the membership…

And how did you get 53000 members?

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53000 is the total number of people who have registered in history. The actual paid, posting membership is around 1/10th that, IIRC. Anybody have a link to the ATMB thread on this?

This is a question about the operation of the Board. As such, I’ve moved it to ATMB.
samclem GQ moderator

I’ve been told that, on average, any form of internet account holdership has only ten percent of it’s total number as active members. Where I work that is about right. (over three thousand customers, with about 360 active)

We currently have 3,411 subscribers.

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